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Dr Chelsea Bailey

World Champion Equestrian
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Strength & Condition Specialist
Professional Fitness Competitor

Growing up on a horse farm prepared Chelsea ideally for lifting heavy things and caring for others which is exactly what her life consists of today. With a firm belief in the power of exercise and diet, Dr. Chelsea Bailey has proven time and again that a consistent program focused on creating an environment that the brain and body can understand will yield exceptional results. 


Before entering college, Dr. Bailey understood the synergy of physical fitness and mental focus as she worked her way to multiple world championship titles. Her successful use of strength training as a way to get “a leg up” on her competition in the show ring lent itself to an interest in making the body better as a career.

Throughout her undergraduate years at the University of Rhode Island, Dr. Bailey continued to help young riders achieve their goals as an instructor who emphasized strength and fitness. She successfully completed the Kinesiology program at URI with highest honors, finishing with a degree in Exercise Science and a Nutrition minor.


Accepted to the competitive Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Boston University, Dr. Bailey began her graduate studies focusing on movement, injury and the brain. Completing the rigorous program in Boston at the top of her class, she spent six months in Salt Lake City at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital, working with the country’s finest orthopedic surgeons and therapists as well as some of the world's most accomplished athletes, including the men’s Olympic Speed Skating team. Determined to bring what she had learned in Utah back to her home state, she arrived home in Rhode Island just in time to give birth to her son, Mason. Soon after she welcomed her daughter, Avery into the fold.

Having a baby is a life-changing event on many levels, and the young doctor/mother found herself with a debilitating herniated disc that compromised the use of her right foot, as well as her ability to stand and walk for any amount of time. With a determined conviction to breast-feed her daughter, Dr. Bailey chose to use movement, nutrition and awareness to recover. She was able to rehab herself without drugs or surgery which facilitated her understanding of the mechanics of back pain.

The experience of catastrophic injury during such an important time in her life has given Chelsea a sensitivity in dealing with her patients that she has become well-known for. The experience also taught her that the therapy taking place in traditional Physical Therapy clinics is not able to offer real, lasting healing. She didn't feel right treating patients in that setting knowing that she had much more to offer. She left traditional therapy and opened a private practice in a local gym to offer her community viable, evidence-based, longterm solutions. Her focus became looking at the whole patient with a much broader lens and then empowering them with the ability to manage their own pain into the future.

Fast forward twelve years, and Dr. Bailey has achieved the reputation of a caring, talented therapist and coach with a library of kudos from clients and patients throughout the country. Combining her decorated equestrian background with years of practice as a physical therapist makes her an invaluable asset to anyone looking to improve their riding abilities.

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